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Tuesday, April 17

Sorry to be out again.

The first umpteen students in each class to appropriately identify and report via email a typo found on this page will receive a prize tomorrow (I found some more frissbees).

Carefully follow the instructions below.

Web Page 1 Students

  1. Work your way though the HTML Game tutorials. When I return, we will add this game to a new webpage in your Notepad project.
  2. When finished with the above, go to CSS Tutorials and review the Responsive CSS lessons Intro through Templates.
  3. If you finish that, go to CSS Tutorials and review the CSS Grid lessons.
  4. Proceed with any JavaScript Tutorials you haven't yet completed.
  5. Proceed with Early Finishers activities.

Image Editing Students

  1. Complete any unfinished activities.
  2. Go to Google Classroom and follow the instructions for the Colorring Book Project.
  3. Complete everything through and including Case 3 in Chapter 6.
  4. Proceed with Chapter 7.
  5. Proceed with Chapter 8,
  6. Proceed with Early Finishers activities.