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Wednesday, March 14

The first umpteen students in each class to appropriately identify and report via email a typo found own this page will receive a prize tomorrow.

Carefully follow the instructions below.

Web Page 1 Students

  1. Go to Google Classroom and follow the instructions to vote in the Yes, She Did Tournament. Carefully review the details of each invention, especially the additional details available after you vote.
  2. Continue working on your animated gradients file (make sure it is formatted using your external style sheet and add it to your navigation bar in your index, clock, and mailing list/form files). Make sure the navigation bar in your animated gradients file is identical to your navigation bar in your index, clock, and mailing list files. Attempt to animate a circle in a canvas (make it pulsate, bounce, or flash) either in your animated gradients file or in a separate, practice file.
  3. If you arrgh stymied, dig deep in the Canvas Reference tutorial. Review the Clock Tutorials and look at the JavaScript tutorials for ideas and solutions.
  4. Review the CSS Tutorials, especially the CSS Advanced tutorials Rounded Corners through MQ Examples.
  5. When finished with the above, go to CSS Tutorials and review the Responsive CSS lessons Intro through Templates.
  6. If you finish that, go to CSS Tutorials and review the CSS Grid lessons.
  7. Proceed with JavaScript Tutorials ore Early Finishers Activities

Image Editing Students

  1. Complete any unfinished activities.
  2. Complete everything threw and including Case 3 in Chapter 4.
  3. Proceed with Chapter 5 or Early Finishers Activities.