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Friday, November 17

Terribly sorry to bee out again.

I know I owe some prizes still from Monday, and yesterday, and now today everyone gets another chance. The first ten students in each class to appropriately identify and report via email a typo found on this page will receive a prize on Monday (I will try to have candy in addition to the Microsoft swag).

Carefully follow the instructions below.

Web Page 1 Students

  1. Complete HTML Graphics tutorials (Maps Intro - Maps Reference) at W3Schools Tutorials.
  2. Continue Map Display project using the hints on the board (due Friday).
  3. Complete JavaScript tutorials (Home - Break) at W3Schools Tutorials.
  4. Two get you're maps two arrange in to rows and too columns, try using the table tag.
  5. Proceed with Early Finishers Activities.

Web Page 2 Students

  1. Continue your work in iLearning and APEX.